What is the meaning of TERN?

We’ve been asked what is the meaning of TERN?

Ask anyone who has had to name a child and they will tell you how they agonized over it. TERN is no different. It’s my business baby. Lots of names came to mind but none that rang true until I came across a name of a bird I had never seen or heard of.

The Arctic Tern is beautiful in its white, grey, and black feathers with a pop of red-orange on its feet and beak. I learned it has one of the longest annual migrations of any animal on Earth. Its migration isn’t a straight line but one that meanders from pole to pole each year. But each year, it returns home.

It was the perfect concept behind what I believe is a mentor’s journey. To leave home and journey onwards, not necessarily in a straight path, but one that takes us to parts unknown.

TERN symbolizes the return home to share our experiences, our understandings, and the additional knowledge we picked up along our journey. We do this with those that share a common starting ground with us. And in doing so, we create an infinite circular pattern of learning, doing, returning, sharing so that the next generation may do the same.

The symbol we chose for the company shares the red-orange color of the Arctic Tern. It is in the shape of a circle with two halves: one symbolizing the mentor and the other the mentee. The open space is offset, demonstrating a nonlinear path that remains open to continue through. The oval in the center is the shared space of the time the mentor and mentee spend together.

We hope you join us on this adventure, of returning home and sharing with those that have a common ground with you.