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Did You Know

87% of mentors and mentees feel empowered by their mentoring relationships and have developed greater confidence. (Source: Moving Ahead)

Recent Events

We are happy to host an educational session on the benefits of mentorship with your collegiate community, greek-lettered community, affinity group, etc.

Reach out to us at [email protected] to learn more.

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TERN Mentoring Advisory Board

TERN Mentoring is creating an Advisory Board (AB) made up of five “Student Seats” and five “Business Seats”.

We are seeking individuals who are willing to volunteer their time to support the growth and impact of TERN Mentoring, a B Corporation. The emphasis of TERN Mentoring is on elevating individuals through mentorship and contributing company profits towards college tuition as well as the mental fitness of students via collegiate counseling.

Students for the Advisory Board

Student Advisory Board Members have an opportunity to engage in real-world business management. In addition, the Student Advisory Board will:

  • Decide which student write-in submissions will receive a TERN Mentee Scholarship.
  • Identify and determine the eligibility criteria for the JMU scholarship.
  • Juniors & Seniors may be on the Advisory Board.

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Our Advisory Board

The Advisory Board will be comprised of business leaders across industries with diverse experiences to inform the ongoing iteration of TERN Mentoring. The Advisory Board is a volunteer opportunity that is time-bound and related to the releases. We value the investment of knowledge and support from our community inside and beyond James Madison University.

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Who We Want on
Our Advisory Board

We are seeking business leaders with 10+ years of experience in business growth, marketing, app development, as well as individuals with a passion for mentorship, philanthropy, and minority-owned businesses. Business leaders will receive a complimentary 2-year membership in TERN Mentoring as a Mentor.

The Advisory Board is a volunteer opportunity that is time-bound and related to the releases.

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Impact & Insights

10 Reasons to Join the TERN Mentoring Journey

Mentorship is not a new concept, however, tapping into a great mentoring relationship requires more than connecting two people. In order to make it great, ensuring mutual meaning and benefit to both the parties involved requires effort, understanding, and flow.

Announcing the Launch of TERN Mentoring

Kicking Off 2022 with a Word of the Year & the Launch of TERN Mentoring

What is the meaning of TERN?

We’ve been asked what is the meaning of TERN? Ask anyone who has had to name a child and they will tell you how they agonized over it. TERN is no different. It’s my business baby. Lots of names came...