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Did You Know

87% of mentors and mentees feel empowered by their mentoring relationships and have developed greater confidence. (Source: Moving Ahead)

Recent Events

We are happy to host an educational session on the benefits of mentorship with your collegiate community, greek-lettered community, affinity group, or business. Many organizations approach us for insight into professional development, building a recruiting pipeline, and employee engagement.

Hear from Tommy Chambers about his experience with TERN Mentoring.

Reach out to us at [email protected] to learn more.

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TERN Mentoring values the importance of sharing insight and experience with the TERN community of mentors and mentees. We spotlight thought leaders across all sectors – business, academia, etc. – and capture key insights around meaningful topics. Recent speakers shared best practices and insights on financial wellness and networking.


Who We Want on
Our Advisory Board

We are seeking business leaders with 10+ years of experience in business growth, marketing, app development, as well as individuals with a passion for mentorship, philanthropy, and minority-owned businesses. Business leaders will receive a complimentary 2-year membership in TERN Mentoring as a Mentor.

The Advisory Board is a volunteer opportunity that is time-bound and related to the releases.

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Get Involved with
Our Advisory Board

The Advisory Board will be comprised of business leaders across industries with diverse experiences to inform the ongoing iteration of TERN Mentoring. The Advisory Board is a volunteer opportunity that is time-bound and related to the releases. We value the investment of knowledge and support from our community inside and beyond James Madison University.

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Students for the Advisory Board

Student Advisory Board Members have an opportunity to engage in real-world business management. The Student Advisory Board will:

  • Decide which student write-in submissions will receive a TERN Mentee Scholarship.
  • Identify and determine the eligibility criteria for the student scholarship.
  • Juniors & Seniors may be on the Advisory Board.

Impact & Insights

TERN Mentor and Mentee Interview Tommy Chambers and Colby Schneider Zoomcast

Hear from Tommy Chambers, CEO of Chambers Theory, LLC and Colby Schneider, Civil Engineer, VHB, as they share insights with Tina Fox on their mentorship experience.

Top Five Ways Mentorship Can Assist College Students

Mentorship can play a crucial role in supporting college students’ personal and academic growth.

Podcast: The Pod of DC | Voice of DC Productions & Rick Bernstein

Drawing on years of hosting live events, fundraisers, and delivering voiceovers for global brands, Rick interviews fascinating people he has met along the way whose personal journeys entertain and inspire.