Many times, people overthink mentorship.
The relationship does not have to be formal,
however, it needs to be clear.

Mentorship Matters

Mentorship is not a new concept, however, tapping into a great mentoring relationship requires more than connecting two people.

In order to make it great, ensuring mutual meaning and benefit to both the parties involved requires effort, understanding, and flow.




“In my years of creating this program I found, with structure, follow up and enthusiastic willingness of both parties, mentorship is sustainable for the long term.”

– Tina Fox, Creator, TERN Mentoring

Becoming a Mentor

If you are reading this, it’s probably because you have some interest in mentoring, and we thank you for that interest.

The number one question I’m often asked when a mentor is considering becoming a mentor in this program is, “Am I qualified to be a mentor?”

Simply by asking, you’ve demonstrated humility and curiosity, a couple of key cornerstones in mentoring.

Read Tina’s 10 Tips for Becoming a Great Mentor.

Tina was recently interviewed on The Pod of DC & the Voice of DC Productions by Rick Bernstein.

You can listen to a snippet of the interview or hear the entire interview here.

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