“The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image,

but giving them the opportunity to create themselves.”

— Steven Spielberg

TERN Mentor and Mentee Interview Tommy Chambers and Colby Schneider Zoomcast

Hear from Tommy Chambers, CEO of Chambers Theory, LLC and Colby Schneider, Civil Engineer, VHB, as they share insights with Tina Fox on their mentorship experience.

Top Five Ways Mentorship Can Assist College Students

Mentorship can play a crucial role in supporting college students’ personal and academic growth.

Podcast: The Pod of DC | Voice of DC Productions & Rick Bernstein

Drawing on years of hosting live events, fundraisers, and delivering voiceovers for global brands, Rick interviews fascinating people he has met along the way whose personal journeys entertain and inspire.

Insights on Finding Internships

Finding an internship can be a strategic process that involves proper planning and preparation. Here are some steps you might find helpful: Identifying your interests and setting clear career goals is a critical first step in the search for internships....

Zoomcast on Networking | Jen Dalton and Tina Fox

Welcome to the latest Zoomcast with Tina Fox, TERN Mentoring and Jen Dalton, BrandMirror. The discussion centers around networking and best practices for anyone in their career.

Tina Fox | Duke Venture Accelerator Entrepreneurs

JMU alumni and successful entrepreneur Tina Fox spoke with the Dukes Venture Accelerator Entrepreneurs in June. She shared the good the bad and the ugly of her entrepreneurial journey. She took time to offer each student advice and mentorship. Learn more...

Financial Wellness | Zoomcast with Tina Fox and Dr. Cathy Snyder

The goal of this Zoomcast, here at TERN Mentoring, is really to partner you with this knowledge. And where are these topics coming from? Well, we’ve got a pool of mentors, and we’ve got pools of mentees. And at TERN Mentoring, we listen to what it is that our audience is most asking for.  Today’s topic is going to be Financial Wellness.

Am I Qualified to be a Mentor?

Simply by asking, you’ve demonstrated humility and curiosity, a couple of key cornerstones in mentoring.

10 Reasons to Join the TERN Mentoring Journey

Mentorship is not a new concept, however, tapping into a great mentoring relationship requires more than connecting two people. In order to make it great, ensuring mutual meaning and benefit to both the parties involved requires effort, understanding, and flow.

Announcing the Launch of TERN Mentoring

Kicking Off 2022 with a Word of the Year & the Launch of TERN Mentoring

What is the meaning of TERN?

We’ve been asked what is the meaning of TERN? Ask anyone who has had to name a child and they will tell you how they agonized over it. TERN is no different. It’s my business baby. Lots of names came...