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Much of a college student’s experience is influenced by the 3 Ps – peers, professors, and parents. Where we add value is by adding another P – professional.

Access to a professional during the collegiate experience is different and a critical relationship-building skill to begin developing early.

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When you share your knowledge and advice with someone, you can learn a lot about yourself in the process. We seek people with a Mentor’s heart, who have gone before you, and want to share and support you on this phase of your journey.

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Mentorship is not a new concept, however, tapping into a great mentorship relationship requires more than simply connecting two people. Many times, people overthink mentorship. The relationship does not have to be formal, however, it needs to be clear.

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Employees who are involved in mentoring programs have a 50% higher retention rate than those not involved in mentoring and 93% of mentees believe their mentoring relationship was useful.

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TERN creates a great mentorship experience through its ease of use, structure, support, and enthusiastic and committed community. As a Benefit Corporation it creates even more in its philanthropy and positive long-term societal impact.

Those who are seeking a path to mentorship, in this way, see the benefits of TERN Mentoring and why TERN Mentoring is a “WIN^8”!

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Interested in gifting a student or recent graduate the gift of mentorship?

The opportunity to have a mentor is a great high school or college graduation gift.

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10 Reasons to Join the TERN Mentoring Journey

Mentorship is not a new concept, however, tapping into a great mentoring relationship requires more than connecting two people. In order to make it great, ensuring mutual meaning and benefit to both the parties involved requires effort, understanding, and flow.

Announcing the Launch of TERN Mentoring

Kicking Off 2022 with a Word of the Year & the Launch of TERN Mentoring

What is the meaning of TERN?

We’ve been asked what is the meaning of TERN? Ask anyone who has had to name a child and they will tell you how they agonized over it. TERN is no different. It’s my business baby. Lots of names came...