10 Reasons to Join the TERN Mentoring Journey

TERN creates a great mentorship experience through its ease of use, structure, support, and enthusiastic and committed community. As a Benefit Corporation it creates even more in its philanthropy and positive long-term societal impact.

  1. The National Bureau of Economic Research found that students who sign up for a mentor are 14% more likely to stay in college and 13% more likely to graduate college after four years.
  2. According to Millennial Branding, 57% of students wish their schools offered more networking opportunities.
  3. This valuable and engaging opportunity gives students a competitive edge post-graduation, increases their job placement opportunities, and enables students to expand their professional networks.
  4. We pair students with an alumnus or professional in their field of interest who can offer them career advice, networking skills, or a possible career path to follow.
  5. Mentoring relationships focus on connecting you and your goals with opportunities to succeed.
  6. TERN Mentoring provides a clear and finite mentorship program. Many times, people overthink mentorship. The relationship does not have to be formal, however, it needs to be clear.
  7. Make an impact, hear from a TERN Mentee. "The mentorship program was a unique opportunity for me to step outside of my comfort zone and receive real-world advice. I learned relevant real-world skills and knowledge in the finite mentorship program." – Nico
  8. By preparing young people for college and careers, mentoring helps develop the future workplace talent pipeline.
  9. Students who have a mentor are more likely to stay in school, attend college, volunteer, hold positions of leadership and become mentors themselves. -David Shapiro, CEO of MENTOR
  10. When you share your knowledge and advice with someone, you can learn a lot about yourself in the process.

Interested in increasing your impact?

  • Learn more at www.ternmentoring,com
  • Register as a Mentor or Mentee at app.ternmentoring.com.
  • Make a donation to support a student or as a gift to a peer or current (or recent) grad of JMU.
  • Join Our Advisory Board or Student Council by visiting our website, www.ternmentoring,com.